Swallow is an open-source GUI MUA (mail user agent) for Unix written in Python. It uses Tkinter for its GUI, retrieves mail via POP, sends it via SMTP, and stores it in Maildir format. It is hacker-ware. WARNING: It is in an alpha state of reliability.

(Both included in the tarball)

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April 16, 2005
Version 0.5.7

Now can do POP over SSL and SMTP TLS and authentication. Also some bugfixes.

December 14, 2004
Version 0.5.6

Minor bugfixes and improvements detailed in the changelog.

January 8, 2003
Version 0.5.5

Incompatible changes:

Python 2.2 now required

Peferences file syntax changed. Sorry but the new syntax is much better and cleaner.

Peferences functions defaultForwardMunger, defaultReplyMunger, and defaultNewMailMunger renamed without the "default".

Preferences functions forwardMunger, replyMunger, and newMailMunger now take email module's Message instance as argument.

Mailbox summaries now created so re-opening a mailbox is now much faster.

Also various small improvements and bugfixes detailed in the changelog as well.

August 18, 2002
Version 0.5.4

Jamie Zawinski's message threading algorithm implemented.
Encoded headers that can be displayed in Latin-1 character set now decoded.
Various small bugfixes and improvements detailed in the changelog.

May 19, 2002
Version 0.5.3

Incompatible change: more-elaborate addressbook now requires MetaKit from Equi4 software. Also various bugfixes and improvements detailed in the changelog.

February 20, 2002
Version 0.5.2

Fixed an incompatibility with KDE. Thanks to Greg Green for finding the problem.

February 18, 2002
Version 0.5.1

Minor bugfixes and small improvements detailed in the changelog.

January 28, 2002
Version 0.5.0

Considerable cosmetic improvements. Overviews are now proper grids with resizable columns. A little slower of course but still reasonable on my wimpy laptop.

December 3, 2001
Version 0.4.5

Re-did the mail searching code. Code now smaller and cleaner, and the UI is better. Two other tiny improvements detailed in the changelog.

November 7, 2001
Version 0.4.4

Various bugfixes detailed in the changelog. Added a sanity-checker for outbound mail.

October 19, 2001
Version 0.4.3

Fixed some bugs that resulted from the change from the mimelib module to the email module.

October 16, 2001
Version 0.4.2

Fixed a bug that caused new mail not to have a From address.

October 15, 2001
Version 0.4.1

Incompatible changes:
Requires email module 0.9.2.

Various bugs fixed, mostly thanks to Greg Green. Viewer window will now decode uuencoded parts.

October 7, 2001
Version 0.4.0

Incompatible changes:
Outbox format changed. Send any mail in your outbox before upgrading.
Requires Python 2.1
Requires mimelib module version 0.6

Root window is now an overview of mailboxes. Mailbox browsers are opened from it and individual mail windows opened form them.

Considerable internal changes and improvements. Mail in viewer and editor (including MIME enclosures) is held in VM. Be careful before opening absurdly big mail.

May 7, 2001
Version 0.3.7

Incompatible change: Outbox format changed slightly. If any mail in your outbox has enclosures, send it with the old version.

Forward function of key lowercase-f now forwards enclosures by default. Old behavior moved to uppercase-f. Forward buttons now have menus, old behavior labeled "Forward verbatim", new behavior called "Forward". Reply now has mailinglist reply as well as ordinary sort. Numerous other small improvements and bugfixes.

April 19, 2001
Version 0.3.6

Improvements to the undo and redo code and other small bugfixes and internal cleanups detailed in the changelog.

April 12, 2001
Version 0.3.5

Text editor now has native undo and redo. MIME-handling code now decodes nested parts. Editor window now arranges its size so that there should be fewer wrapping surprises. Also usual bugfixes and small improvements.

March 29, 2001
Version 0.3.4

More feedback from Send now button, ability to check for mail delivered to Maildir by other programs, and the beginnings of Windows support added. Also the usual bugfixes and small improvements.

March 23, 2001
Version 0.3.3

Now possible to specify a size above which mail isn't downloaded. Instead a summary is shown and user can explicitly approve later download of large messages.

MIME encoding and decoding redone to improve performance and simplify code.

Also the usual bugfixes and small improvements.

March 17, 2001
Version 0.3.2

Significant speedups, some bugfixes, and more improvements. Optional addressbook file format changed but conversion is automatic.

February 12, 2001
Version 0.3.1

Small to moderate bugfixes and improvements.

January 9, 2001
Version 0.3.0

Optional more-elaborate addressbook (swdb.py) and spam-review helper (spamgrep.py) now included.
Added ability to pipe current mail to an external program.
Log now saved by default.
Numerous small bugfixes and improvements.

October 22, 2000
Version 0.2.8

Fixes mainly in date parsing and mail saving.

October 19, 2000
Version 0.2.7

Bugfixes and small improvements.

September 6, 2000
Version 0.2.6

A couple of significant bugfixes.

September 4, 2000
Version 0.2.5

Bugfixes and small improvements.

August 1, 2000
Version 0.2.4

Bugfixes and medium-sized improvements plus one new feature. It's now possible to search the text of a mail that's open in a viewer.

July 22, 2000
Version 0.2.3

More small bugfixes and improvements

July 16, 2000
Version 0.22

Various small bugfixes and improvements

July 13, 2000
Version 0.21

Various small bugfixes and improvements detailed in the changelog

July 11, 2000
Version 0.2

First public release