Book: Paranoia by Joseph Finder

Excellent novel of corporate espionage

Joseph Finder
St. Martin's Press, 2004
ISBN: 0-312-31914-2
426 pages

Paranoia is an excellent and exciting corporate-espionage novel. Adam Cassidy is a low-level marketing manager for Wyatt Telecoms. One day, as a sort of practical joke, he authorizes an expensive party that he shouldn't have been able to authorize. He's caught and given the choice of facing trumped-up criminal charges or going to work for the competition as a spy for Wyatt Telecoms. Naturally, he chooses to be a spy. The competition turns out to be a much better place to work than Wyatt, and from there things get interesting. I'd say more but that would spoil some of the fun.

Mr Finder's writing is very good and his plot keeps you guessing, just as the plot of a spy novel should.

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