Book: Spy Girl by Amy Gray

A bit disappointing

Amy Gray
Spy Girl
Villard, 2003
ISBN: 0-8129-7152-3
271 pages

In 1999, Amy Gray quit her unrewarding job with a publishing company in New York and went to work as a private investigator. It was her childhood dream, but the firm she joins and the rats in its office may not have been just how she had imagined it would be. Spy Girl is about the three years she spent there.

Not surprisingly, the work isn't glamorous. Indeed, there isn't all that much interesting about the investigations she describes. Ms Gray's private life is rather more interesting but still falls short. She lives in Brooklyn, is perpetually short of money, hangs out in bars with friends, and dates men who invite comparison with the people she investigates. In short, she lives a reasonably typical life for someone who has moved to New York shortly after leaving college. Spy Girl isn't bad by any means, but it doesn't have much that's remarkably praiseworthy either.

There is a small error in that Ms Gray has "logarithm" where she wants "algorithm" on page 237.

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