Book: Hold the Enlightenment: More Travel Less Bliss

Entertaining travel narratives

Tim Cahill
Hold the Enlighenment: More Travel Less Bliss
Villard, 2002
ISBN 0-375-50766-3

Hold the Enlightenment contains thirty or so short travel narratives, often funny, and all delightfully written. Platypuses in Australia, Butch and Sundance in Argentina, tigers in Turkey, salt in Mali, and plutonium and salmon in Washington state engage Mr Cahill and the reader. The narratives are generally light-hearted though there are some moments that are poignant and a few that are horrifying.

There are a small number of mechanical flaws such as "eminent" for "immanent" (p. 231) but they don't detract from the charm and grace of the book.

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