Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 powered speakers 

They don't suck 

A while ago I bought a pair of JBL Duet powered speakers to use in a spot where I'd like to listen to music but where I don't have a place for a subwoofer. Unfortunately, they suck.

A little wiser but only $35 poorer, I ordered a pair of Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 speakers. Happily, they don't suck. Indeed, they're good, or maybe very good for what they are.

Make no mistake, they're not stunningly great speakers, and the absence of a subwoofer shows in the sound they're able to reproduce. If you have a place for a subwoofer, get a decent set of speakers that includes one. But if you don't, the ProMedia Ultras are respectable speakers. Given that they do a good job, $100 isn't an unreasonable price for them. I certainly think that they're more than three times as good as the JBLs.

The ProMedias are pretty highly directional. The stereo "sweet spot" they produce isn't big. But if you wanted to fill a room with music as opposed to listening to something while sitting at a computer, you'd use a set of speakers that has a subwoofer.

On the front of the right speaker, there are volume and bass knobs and another input and an output jack. The output jack is there so that you can plug in headphones if you want to use them occasionally without having to re-cable things. The jack would be much more useful if its output didn't contain really nasty hiss. The hiss isn't in the sound from the speakers.

Their industrial design isn't going to win any awards. They're relatively narrow when viewed from the front (around 3 1/4") but they're pretty tall (10 1/2" or a bit more) and pretty deep (7" or so). They're around the size and shape of a good-sized hardcover book. If you put them next to a monitor that faces a wall, they'd probably be pretty unobtrusive. If you put them on a table that faces a room, they look large and awkward from the side. In addition, the green power LED on the right speaker is brighter than it needs to be. It's bright enough to be a bit distracting in a room that's not brightly lit. Still, decent sound reproduction is more important to me than fabulous industrial design and so I'm pleased with them. 

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